1. Hotels Seychelles: Welcome to Mahe

    Airport Seychelles Mahe

    Mahe, the main island of the Seychelles, is paradoxically the least known island. The island’s beautiful beaches and mountains with amazing views is an ideal holiday spot. Being on Mahe means you are in the heart of the Seychelles archipelago.

    Mahe, the largest island of Seychelles

    The island of Mahe alone accounts for over 90% of the population of Seychelles. Mahe, with its 150 km2, remains the largest island of the Seychelles archipelago. Le Morne Seychellois, is its highest point at 905m above sea level. Mahe offers many sites to visit. In the north, visit Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, famous for its port and its clock which is an exact replica of Big Ben. Maheis a must see during your journey around the Seychelles archipelago. Many deserted coves offer sumptuous beaches where you can rest in tranquility.Drive down the two most beautiful roads of Mahe (Sans Souci and Misery)- you’ll discover spectacular views and cross the majestic forests.

    Victoria, Seychelles’ capital

    Victoria, the Seychelles’ capital, is a nice little city with a little over 30 000 inhabitants. You should definitely  spend a few hours strolling around in the city… The covered market, recently renovated, is a colorful place not to be missed- For fruits, vegetables, spices, fish, but also for the atmosphere.

    There is so much to discover in Mahe

    Mahe has a lot to offer in terms of places of attractions around the island. You will definitely spend a wonderful holiday on this unique island. There are countless winding paths leading to hidden houses in the flowers. You have to stop at the craft village at the Creole Institute; climb to the Jardin du Roy to discover the spice of yesteryear, visit the tea plantation. On mountain trails amidst lush vegetation, it will approach spectacular wildlife. To discover Mahe, our accommodations will be an excellent base for excursions.

    Wishing you wonderful holidays in Seychelles!

  2. Hotels Seychelles: Welcome to La Digue

    Seychelles la digueLa Digue island is a very welcoming paradise and is the third largest island of the Seychelles. This island is famous for its sculpted granite rocks and stunning beaches. Anse Source d’Argent is a perfect example and is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. You are welcomed to La Digue and nestled in your charming villa.

    The island promises a total disconnection from the very rhythmic Western lifestyle. The villa offers authentic accommodation with simple and atypical surroundings. Villa Seychelles is situated on the west coast of La Digue, where the region remained almost untouched. The island is an ideal spot for visiting the neighboring islands and the lagoon offers an incredible underwater beauty. La Digue remains a quiet and intimate island where life is good. Relax and let you rock by native softness…

    Discover the Seychelles: Another World …

    The Seychelles are more than 115 islands that sparkle in the middle of the Indian Ocean and is one of the treasures of the world. A place where natural purity and authenticity are perfectly preserved … a place where tranquility and simplicity can be found or rediscovered. A place like no other in the world!

    Here in the Seychelles, nature reigns. The exoticfauna and flora are so abundant that the list of all the species that inhabit these islands has not been indexed. The natural diversity is spectacular!Exclusive to the Seychelles, Coco de Mer trees grow only on Praslin and Curieuse islands. Coco De Mer is now indisputably the true Seychelles icon.A destination whose beauty is breathtaking, the Seychelles offers a kaleidoscope of beautiful landscapes, beaches lined with lush vegetation fabulous fauna and absolutely unique lush flora.

    With pristine white sand, beautiful smooth granite stones carved by time, a bright sun in the middle of a blue sky, you’ll love the Seychelles beaches.Island hopping by boat, plane or helicopter, will allow you to discover countless islands of Seychelles.

    Do you love nature?

    Explore the peaks of granite, lush forests, sheltered coves, dive to meet the underwater fauna or navigate the waves on a glass bottom boat.

    Fan of water sports?

    A catamaran tour will certainly make you discover Seychelles in a unique way. Or why not indulge in a kayak or a game of fly fishing?


    Yet,the Seychelles are unique and means a diversity of people from all over the world, a harmonious blend and a surprisingly broad cultural spectrum. The islands remain a mixture of spicy and exotic culinary traditions, dances and traditional music.

    You just have to pack your bags and head towards the Seychelles!

  3. Authentic Seychelles: Praslin Island


    The sweet smell of the salty air will only increase your sense of well-being and it might even get you hungry and make you want to taste the Seychellois cuisine which focuses mainly on seafood. To sum up, in the Seychelles it’s all about beaches, azure lagoons and lush vegetation!

    What will you find on Praslin, Seychelles?

    Anse Lazio on Praslin, known for its beautiful beaches and is located 36 km northeast of the main island of Mahé, which is 45 minutes by boat or 15 minutes by plane. This is the place to enjoy your “well-deserved rest” since it remains one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it would be useless to deny it, isn’t it?

    You will also find on the island of Praslin many coves, each one more beautiful than the other.On the beaches, you will have the privilege to admire a beautiful sight: big pink granite rocks of multiple forms deposited on the sand which is so fine, so soft, and so white. This scenery will definitely make you admit for once that dreams do become reality at a point in time.

    Around these long stretches of sand, coconut trees andtakamakas are sure to greet you.A funny question that you will probably ask yourself is “why are such beautiful beaches so desert?”The answer is simple;how would the authenticity and charm of this beautiful island of Praslin have beenpreserved if the beaches were always overcrowded.

    Not only will you have the privilege of basking on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world but in addition, they will be practically deserted! The nearby beaches or the ones in front of the hotels are public beaches and therefore accessible to all. So you will be spoiled when it comes to choosing.

    There is no need to praise the turquoise waters or even how swimming in those waters is a pure bliss all throughout the year with an average temperature of 28 degrees. To get an idea of ​​what awaits you, go around the many coves nestled around the island without forgetting one of the most acclaimed in the world: Anse Lazio!

  4. Seychelles: a haven of peace

    The Seychelles are the most picturesque island of the Indian Ocean. Alongside its beauty, Seychelles is also a haven of peace.
    Choosing the wrong trip advisor may ruin your moment of joy. Authentic hotel Seychelles is here to help you make the best choice during your stay in the Seychelles.
    You probably yourself ask a few questions about online travel advisors … Who are they? Where do they come from? What are their motivations? Here are some answers to help you learn more about them and share with them your travel plans!
    What are the specific competencies authentic hotel Seychelles?
    Our experience and knowledge of the field enable us to anticipate: we avoid unnecessary travel to clients or otherwise we are able to offer them a different approach to country … intimately related to their needs. In short, with this knowledge, we are able to build a unique journey for each client.
    Authentic hotel Seychelles can do everything to suit your needs … It is really nice for our team to prepare tailor-made trips. Every day is different, no quotes are alike. The contact with customers is privileged, we hold one of the happiest days of their lives. Sometimes the requests are quite unusual indeed, but so far we have always found a solution to suit everyone’s need!
    Favorite places in the Seychelles?
    Unquestionably Denis Island and Praslin Anse Georgette. These places command respect by their intact wild side. This is the kind of place where you instinctively whisper so as not to disturb the quietness.
    Anse Georgette is a fabulous beach with a clear view of the horizon, with a beach line of granite rocks. It contains no parasol, deckchair and is amazingly clean. You won’t find any waste lying around. In the back of the beach, one discovers a lush vegetation virgin of any human presence. Walking over there, you will have a feeling of being alone in the world.
    Denis Island is a coral island which is reached by a small inter island flight of about 30 minutes. The landing is memorable: a grass runway, flown twice by the commander to ensure that there are no turtles or cattle! It is an island out of time. There is a beautiful chapel and cemetery of pirates to visit! Organic food is the island’s only products.
    Heaven on earth!

  5. Why book your hotel in the Seychelles with us?

    Why book your hotel in the Seychelles with us?

    There exist only few online booking sites for Seychelles accommodation. Among these, the Authentic Hotel Seychelles is the best online service for small hotels and guest houses in Seychelles. There is a big list of reason as to why you should be booking your hotel in the Seychelles with us. You can explore the site for a lot of information about the Seychelles, Island Hopping, arrangements for transfers, car rental, yacht cruises, how to get there, sights and other tips to help you have the best holiday in paradise possible. These types of information you will not find anywhere else.
    Booking on the spot arrival can be a nightmare. Especially in the Seychelles where you need an accommodation letter from your host in order to be granted clearance at the airport. Booking with us will only make the task easier.

    Authentic Hotel Seychelles: Booking with us

    We simplified the steps in order to make your task easier. No other site will provide you with such an easy to use interface in order to book accommodation in the Seychelles.
    Our motto: Simple, Fast and Straight forward! You simply have to choose from our specially chosen list of accommodation, fill out a Booking Form and send us your request. As simply as a, b, c… The job is done. Who would have thought that it would be that easy to book a hotel in the Seychelles?
    As soon as the request is obtained by our team, the lodging is contacted on the go to check for availability as per your request, then send you the best possible offer.
    You just need to approve the request. Our team will then book the hotel and as soon as the job is done, you simply need to do the payment.
    Once advance payment is confirmed, we will send you a detailed booking voucher for your stay.
    Payment can be easily done. It can be made by bank transfer, Visa Card, Master card or by PayPal.

    Why Visit the Seychelles?

    There are thousands of reasons to visit the Seychelles. We will only site some of them.
    Endless beaches with turquoise sea!
    Seychelles has a tropical location. It has a perfect weather throughout the year.
    Sun tanning throughout the year
    No vaccinations needed if travelling to Seychelles.
    No visa required. Automatic one month visa is provided on arrival after presenting valid passport, return ticket, proof of accommodation and sufficient funds.
    The warm hospitality offered by the Seychellois people, a colorful blend of people of various race, religion and culture.
    Affordable hotels and guest houses to suit everyone’s budget and needs.

  6. Discover the authentic hotels of Seychelles  

    The Seychelles

    From pristine beaches, picturesque seascapes and world know authentic luxury hotels, the 155 island archipelago of the south of the Indian Ocean has everything to please travelers from around the world.

    After a hard year’s work, holidaying in the Seychelles is more than deserving. In order for your holidays to make out the most of your holidays on this paradise on earth, finding the perfect stay is more than compulsory.

    Why choose the authentic hotel of Seychelles?

    The Seychelles is stunning, simply perfect place to be on earth. Life over the island is calm, paysages picturesque and temperature tropical all around the year. The Seychelles have the best beaches from around the world. Anse source d’Argent, Anse Lazio and turtle bay are perfect example.

    You just need the perfect hotel to make up with these outstand beaches.

    The best reason to choose the authentic hotels of the Seychelles for holidaying lie in the fact that you do not need a visa. Upon your arrival, once you present a valid passport, a proof of accommodation and sufficient funds, you are automatically granted a one month visa. Less worry, better holidays.

    The best hotels from around the world

    Unlike heavily burdened tourist destination, the Seychelles islands are calm. You can enjoy the quietest paradisiacal beaches from around the world. The hotels in the Seychelles are luxurious ones and offer the best quality service.

    Mahé, La Digue, Praslin and Cerf Island are the most beautiful and prized island of the archipelago. Holidaying in the Seychelles without visiting these dream is out of question.

    These Island have preserved their beauties and are very distinguished form other holiday island from around the world which have sold their charms at the price of modernization.

    The authentic Seychelles have everything to please travelers. From Hotels to Guest houses, villas and Apartments holiday travelers have a wide choice to choose from for your family trip, holidaying with friends or honeymoon.

    The best advice while you are holidaying in the Seychelles island is that you do not forget your camera. This place of amazing wonder and authentic hotels will only amaze you.


    After working tirelessly, holidays are well deserved. But how can you ensure that your stay in the seychelles hotels is up to your expectations? We are here to help you achieve this goal!

    Seychelles holidays!

    A vacation is supposed to give rest to your body and your mind and the Seychelles is the ideal place to rejuvenate after all that you have endured throughout the year.

    Why the Seychelles?

    Denis-Islan- In-the-Seychelles

    Denis Island In the Seychelles

    If your job is stressful, you should opt for a vacation that offers relaxation and rest. On the other hand, if you would like to spice up your vacation, why not plan some exciting stuff during your stay. Seychelles is the ideal destination for an unforgettable holiday.

    Before you book, take the time to think about what your holidays will look like, what you want? Relaxation or excitement? Traveling in groups or alone? So many questions … but remember … it’s for a good cause … the perfect holiday!
    Booking early will save you a lot of money, once you have decided on how your vacation will be planned, think about when to leave Seychelles. Seychelles remains an ideal holiday destination throughout the year.

    How to enjoy your holiday in the Seychelles?

    Use all available resources and know your destination- the Seychelles. There are lots of hidden treasures on the archipelago that remains unknown to the world. If you plan to visit the island, think about finding a good map and mark the places that really interest you. Find yourself a new camera, go out and practice your photography skills, so you can make the perfect album of your holiday in Seychelles.

    What you have to remember?

    Make sure to put all your important documents together in a safe place, and make a list of your vital phone numbers in case of emergency.
    Follow our quick tips and you are sure to make the most of your holiday.

  8. Hotels Seychelles: Discover the Seychelles Islands

    The Seychelles

    The Seychelles

    The Seychelles archipelago forms a group of 115 islands. Located in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa the Seychelles is now part of the countries of the Crown, but is an independent republic. Mahe and Praslin are two of the most popular islands of Seychelles. If you like sunbathing, clear blue sea and want to discover the untouched nature, the Seychelles is the best destination for your next vacation.

    Ideal Holiday Destination


    Seychelles is a holiday destination all year round, temperatures rarely drop below 24C or above 32C, the climates is perfect for relaxing on the beaches and explore the nearby islands that will surprise you with their unique fauna and their flora.

    Seychelles Fauna and Flora

    Denis Island In Seychelles

    Denis Island In Seychelles

    Seychelles possesses a unique environment, which supports highly distinctive biodiversity. It is special for a number of reasons. They are the oldest oceanic islands that can be found on Earth and the inner granitic islands are also the only islands on the basis continental rock. There were no land mammals to the origin of the Seychelles, which helped to develop this particular species has a rich biodiversity.

    The Main Seychelles Islands


    The main Island of Mahé is the largest island in the archipelego and the gateway to the Seychelles. It is also the economic and political hub of the Seychelles and hosts the international airport, the port, and the capital ‘village’ Victoria. Although being the most densely populated it has not lost its beauty and charm. The island is dominated by a mountain range that forms its backbone, the highest peak of which is Morne Seychellois reaches a height of 905m and provides a perfect backdrop of the tiny capital of Victoria.


    It is the second largest granatic island of the Seychelles. It is only a 15-minute flight away from Mahe. Praslin is not as mountainous as Mahe – the highest point being 330 metres but it has similarly great granite outcrops surrounded by beautiful beaches. Amongst them, the famous Anse Lazio, considered as one of the five finest in the world. Praslin is also the legendary island where the coco de mer grows in abundance in the Vallee de Mai.


    No doubt the most charming of the islands, La Digue has remained untouched by the passage of time. The island’s rhythm of life is as relaxed with its 2000 inhabitant. Its traditional modes of transport: the ox-carts and bicycles will definitely  bring you back in time. It takes about half an hour to reach La-Digue by traditional schooner from Praslin. From Mahe, the only way to reach La-Digue is via helicopter or private boat.

    There the famous Anse Source d’Argent, the most photographed beach in the world, waits for you.You will be fascinated by the long beach between Point Cap Barbi to the North West and Pointe d’Argent, which is naturally decorated by large granite boulders that changes colours from pink to grey according to the sun’s rays.

    As the Seychelles, Mauritius can be great too for some holidays.

    Enjoy your holidays in the Seychelles!

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